What the pupils say:

– Relevant, matnyttigt bok. Mycket humor och lättsamhet. På ett fenomenalt sätt blir det aldrig tråkigt, men ändå effektivt.

– Bra med en enda bok och variation, aldrig tråkigt.

– Under hela tiden har vi haft en lärorik och roande resa.

– En bra bok, kul och intressant!

– Best English book in Sweden! Low price compared to other books! Good choice of subjects. You donít get bored by seeing it, unlike so many other books!

– Best English course Iíve joined ever. English is fun for the first time in my life.

– I like the “English as she is spoken” very much. It is instructive and has a lots of charm and humour, it’s incredible.


Just looked at the first chapter of your book and thought it looked great. Andrew Moseley, Special English Teacher, Friaborgsskolan, Simrishamn

Vi är mycket nöjda med boken “English as she is spoken” i vår studiecirkel. Kerstin Alexandersson

För 2 år sedan använde vi i Vaggeryds- avdelningen detta material och tyckte det var bra. Vi kommer nog att använda oss av materialet i fortsättningen också.
Gunnel Johansson

The book is great. Ingegerd Enlund, ABF Gävle

The very last thing we did in all my groups previous term was to work with the downloaded chapter “Oh Those English” from the Internet. The response was very positive (it couldn’t have been otherwise!) I myself liked your book a lot: very good language, excellent choice of conversational topics, fun exercises – everything you look for in a book for adults, and children for that matter… We’re still enjoying you book. I admit I had had this tiny little fear before we started that chapter 1 – the one on the Internet – was the best one in the book (maybe you’ll agree: you never know until you do every single ex. yourself). But then came other chapters and it’s obvious the book holds it’s level to the last page. Irina Bousniouk Teacher and TASS TV correspondent in Scandinavia

All and sundry:

Ditt material “English as she is spoken” ser mycket lockande ut. Och boken innehåller ju så många aktiviteter där den som övar muntlig färdighet kan använda sig av den virtuella mediaspelaren för att spela in sina prestationer och kolla sig själv! Det kommer jag att göra reklam för här i Lärostudion. Vänliga hälsningar Ulrike Klingemann Lärostudion Stockholms universitet

This book is such an improvement over other materials that I heartily recommend it to anybody charged with the task of leading groups of adults on their way to increasing their mastery of spoken English.
Bob Nichols M.A. Folkuniversitetet Sigtuna, review in LMS Lingua

This course book is something special for language groups looking for a lively way to learn English.
Peter Dickson Hemspråksundervisning, Stockholm

It was so nice to have you with us last Thursday. Some of them said they walked home on clouds. We are looking forward to seeing you again. Everybody loves your book.
Marianne UPU, Uppsala

Bob Nichols:

For the past two years I have used English as she is spoken as the basic study material in my study circles for intermediate and advanced students of English. This book is such an improvement over other materials that I heartily recommend it to anybody charged with the task of leading groups of adults on their way to increasing their mastery of spoken English. It is obvious from one’s very first thumbing-through of the book that it has been designed expressly for use in the study circle format. It is apparent that it is the result of many hours of working with adult learners of English and tailored to meeting their specific needs.

The questions on the cartoons, pictures, and texts lead naturally to follow-up questions and comments which invite active discussion and conversational exchange. The leader’s role becomes one of listening to the contributions of the participants and managing the energy of the group as it waxes and wanes throughout the evening. This makes it possible for the course leader to adjust the amount of new learning to be tackled according to how much he or she perceives the group is ready to handle on any given occasion. For me, and the way I work with groups, this is a tremendous plus with this material!

The specific exercises following each of the selected texts have been designed with the same degree of flexibility and conversational orientation as the questions mentioned above. Their construction affords each student optimal opportunity for practising his or her English skills and can as easily be worked on at home between meetings of the group as during the group sessions themselves. This is a great strength of this material because it means that the more ”gung-ho” students have plenty to do between sessions while those who don’t have the opportunity to work on their English in between group meetings can be ”brought up to speed” working two-and-two with those who have progressed a little further.

Having worked in adult education for 25 years and seen many changes, fads, innovations, etc. come and go, it is my considered opinion that the study circle survives as the unsurpassed best form for adults to acquire new skills and knowledge while at the same time widening their social circles, extending their horizons and improving their quality of life. English as she is spoken has been produced with these aspects in mind and succeeds very well in incorporating these considerations in the study materials it so generously presents.

Another important modern aspect of English as she is spoken is that it lends itself easily to being used as a basis for further exploration of interesting topics via the internet. I have had great success with internet information obtained by my students in connection with the section on the “Chelsea Flower Show”, for example, and the section on “London”. I plan to have a group this year put together a set of internet materials directly related to the text entitled “Down with ‘Skool’ ” and earlier had a group do some internet work, while we studied the material headed “Sport and Recreation”, that resulted in loads of good humour and lively discussion!

I highly recommend this material for use in adult education situations and encourage study circles everywhere to at least give it a try. I am convinced that once you try it, you will like it so much that you will stick with it and reap the same excellent results that my students and I have for the past two years.

Bob Nichols M.A. Folkuniversitetet Sigtuna